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Rohingya Refugee Appeal

More than one million people have arrived in Bangladesh seeking food, shelter, and safety. Since 25 August 2017 violence intensified in Myanmar's Rakhine province, more than 720,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh - 55% of them are children.  Heavy monsoon rains are putting more people in danger.  They are expected to peak in July.  Flooding and landslides are forcing people from their homes and making access for relief distribution difficult. Over 31,000 refugees have settled in the most at risk area. 

ACT AllianceFamilies need food, water, sanitation, shelter, medical care and psychosocial support. 

ACT Alliance is working to increase local resilience and strengthen homes as well as meet the needs of the most vulnerable.  Please help them.


Like most refugees from Myanmar, Humaira (pictured right) has a tragic story to tell.  Both her husband and father were killed by gunfire.  With her mother and three children, she fled her village in search of safety.  Exhausted after many long days walking, the family reached one of the camps set up for refugees.  A few days later she gave birth to the baby she had been carrying.  When ACT Alliance staff met up with her, she was trying to find a patch of land where she could put up a tarpaulin for shelter. Photo Christian Aid

The majority of the refugees are women and girls who report molestation, rape and killings. They are traumatised and in need of protection.

Cox's Bazaar where most are sheltering is overcrowded.  There are few roads and drainage is poor.  Tensions are growing, as people scramble for very limited supplies.

The Bangladeshi government and aid agencies are struggling to cope with the desperate and immediate needs.

ACT Alliance is responding.  They need more funds to help in this desperate situation.

$58 could provide a family with food for 15 days.

$31 could provide a family with shelter.


Please donate to the Rohingya Refugee Appeal now.