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Gaza Appeal

The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees in Gaza is appealing for funds to provide emergency medical treatment and assistance for those discharged from hospitals or unable to be treated there. They are providing medical and healthcare (including antibiotics and disposables like dressings) to those who need follow up treatment.

People injured need urgent medical care and support.  Many more do not have enough food for their families and/or in need psychosocial treatment.  DSPR Gaza wil distribute cash grants to the most vulnerable families and expand its psychosocial services to meet the increased needs.

If you can, please give today.

Since the Great March of Return began on 30 March till 22 May, 117 people have been killed including 15 children and a further 13,190 have been injured.

DSPR's medical clinics in Darraj, Rafah and Shijaia are assisting with the wounded and traumatised.  Electricity, medicine and equipment shortages can limit treatment options available to their trained medical staff.  

They provide primary health care to 26,000 families, mainly women and children. DSPR also runs a vocational training programme, and offers much needed dental and psychosocial care.  Staff distribute nutritional supplements to all children and emergency assistance as funds allow.

The Occupation of Palestinian land and the blockade on Gaza are exacting a huge toll on the local people.  Approximately 80% of people depend on humanitarian assistance.  Many of the buildings damaged in the 2014 war remain unrepaired due to a lack of resources and an Israeli ban on importing building materials.

The shut down of the Gaza Power Plant, shortages of supplies and the large numbers of injured are straining Gaza's very limited medical services.  Palestinian refugees were protesting about the blockade of Gaza, the moving of the United States Embassy to the "undivided Jerusalem" and demanding the right to return to their homes in what is now Israel.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba or 'catastrophe', Palestinians organised marches and gatherings on the edge of Gaza. On 15 May 1948, an estimated 750,000 Palestinian Arabs were expelled from their homes during the Arab-Israel War.

Donations can also be designated to the Palestinian Medical Relief Committee.

Any donations beyond this appeal will be used to support the ongoing work of DSPR in Gaza.


CWS issued expressed concern about the situation and wrote to support the statement by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. 

Palestinian Christians issued a statement on Gaza and Palestine calling on the international community to pressure Israel towards justice and peace.

ACT Alliance condemns the disproportionate acts of violence and supports the calls for independent investigation of violations of international law.  

On 18 May, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution “investigate all alleged violations and abuses of international humanitarian law and international human rights law” in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and particularly the occupied Gaza Strip, since 30 March."