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Annual Review

CWS was grateful to many supporters and friends who joined to celebrate our 70th anniversary.  In December 2015 Archbishop West Watson launched the first Christmas Appeal asking for donations for the "millions in the east and west who are hungry, cold and homeless".  It was a theme continued in the 2015 Christmas Appeal, Help Rebuild Lives.  CWS was grateful to Rod Oram for his contribution with his address "How Small Change Makes Big Change", and partners and friends who sent messages of support.

Refugees particularly in the Middle East were a special focus of the year.  A new fundraising challenge Operation Refugee was successfully piloted in June 2016.  CWS was grateful to those who responded to the Syria Appeal and also to the Fiji Cyclone Appeal after the devastation caused by Winston in April.  We were able to give local partner SEEP the help they needed to get to isolated communities and will work with them on recovery.

Our partners trained many more poor farmers on cheaper ecological agriculture methods and provided them tools and plants to improve incomes and diets.  In Lebanon, DSPR organised the only access for Syrian High School aged students to return to Damascus to sit the exams they need to pass for a better future.  In Sierra Leone, the Churches Council of Sierra Leone is training Ebola survivors and widows to get the jobs they need to survive.  66% of the money we received was sent to partners during the course of the year.

To read more about what we have done, download the Annual Review 2015-16.


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