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Christian World Service

Christian World Service - seventy-two years of making sure people have food, water and justice.

You are making hope the story for South Sudanese girl students, refugees, earthquake survivors and Pacific peoples. CWS welcomes a Pacific visitor.

South Sudan is being destroyed by conflict and poverty. The people are desperate for food and peace. If you can, please help one family.

If ever there was a time to stand with refugees, it is now. Join the lifeline.

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CWS launches Operation Refugee 2018

Christian World Service invites people of all ages to join the lifeline to refugees from Syria.

Operation Refugee is a five-day challenge to live on the same food as in a refugee emergency food parcel. Students can sign up for the two-day challenge. At the same time, participants raise funds to help Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. The national event runs from 16 – 20 June. June 20 is World Refugee Day.