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Our work

With two staff funded by CWS and 12 talented and passionate volunteers, CCS is making life better for people caring for orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS. CCS has organised them into 25 local associations. The first phase of the programme from 2008-2012 funded 495 rainwater tanks for 530 caregivers and 1742 children. In the second phase beginning in 2013, 300 new tanks have been built so far. Another 420 tanks are needed for members caring for 2321 children.

The local associations at the centre of the programme meet monthly to share their problems and learn new skills. CCS visits regularly to teach farming techniques to cope with changing weather patterns, train on improved hygiene and sanitation, and educate on HIV and AIDS. In addition, they supervise the revolving credit fund and rainwater harvesting tank construction. CWS matches half the cost of a basic tank—the caregiver pays for the rest. The associations decide who will get the next tank by ballot. Some contribute additional funds to build larger tanks. With water on tap, families have expanded production and started new businesses to improve household income.

Rainwater tanks are freeing up time and resources so children can attend primary school. Caregivers cannot afford secondary education so their children are often exploited for cheap labour. In collaboration with caregivers, CCS has begun a new initiative to give young people new opportunities and respect.


Read the annual report 2017/8.

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