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Rohingya Refugee Appeal

More than 515,000 people have arrived in Bangladesh seeking food, shelter and safety. Since 25 August violence has intensified in Myanmar's Rakhine province many Rohingya have fled, others remain in the country where supplies are dwindling.

ACT AllianceFamilies need food, water, sanitation, temporary shelter and medical care. 

The majority of the refugees are women and girls who report molestation, rape and killings. They are traumatised and in need of protection.

Recent flooding around Cox's Bazaar where most are sheltering is making life hard.

The Bangladeshi government and aid agencies are struggling to cope with the desperate and immediate need. The Bangladesh government has allocated about 2,000 acres for refugee camps.

ACT Alliance is responding but they need more funds to help in this desperate situation.

$58 could provide a family with food for 15 days.

$31 could provide a family with shelter.


Please donate to the Rohingya Refugee Appeal now.