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South India Flood Appeal 2015

Intense flooding has caused widespread damage in parts of Tamil Nadu, South India.  Three periods of heavy rain in November and December have affected people in Chennai (formerly known as Madras and home to 4.3 million people), Cuddalore, Kanchepuram, Tiruvallur, Tuticorin, Villupuram and the Union territory of Puducherry.  Rivers and lakes are overflowing. While the situation is affecting everyone, urban poor and vulnerable communities have been badly hit.  More than 280 people have lost their lives and many houses destroyed or damaged.  The heaviest rains on record are blamed on climate change, and the lack of maintainence of drainage systems has contributed to the situation.

Neythal has begun providing food, shelter, clothing and other assistance in worst affected Cuddalore District where 29,000 families have been displaced.  Government relief is inadequate and not reaching Dalit, Irula (tribal/indigenous people), Muslims and fisherfolk.  Neythal is distributing food parcels, blankets and clothing to residents from 26 fishing hamlets and 12 non-fishing communities.  With more help, they can get vital supplies to more families.  

Neythal will keep working to make sure these vulnerable communities are protected against natural disasters.  They monitor the condition of the coast and waterways and have won a few cases in court to protect their environment.  After this disaster they want to step up their campaign to protect communities in the long term.  

$27 will provide blankets and clothing for one person.  $33 will provide 20 kg rice, 1 kg dhal, 500 grams tamarind, 500 g sugar, 250 g masala powder and 1 kg cooking oil for a family.