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PNG floods

The northern provinces of Papua New Guinea have been swamped by high tides, causing widespread flooding. 60,000 people have been directly affected and international assistance is likely to be needed as the region seeks to recover.

On December 9, abnormally high sea levels combined with abnormal swells and tropical depressions lead to sea water flooding 8 coastal provinces of PNG. These conditions continued over the next 5 days, displacing up to 60,000 people and destroying their homes, gardens, livestock and belongings. In Bougainville, where CWS supports a partner organisation, nearly 5,500 people have been affected. BAERDA reported huge waves coming ashore and you could hear the howling winds over the phone line.

The PNG government has asked for assistance and the relief supplies already distributed need replenishment. CWS is monitoring the situation and awaiting a needs assessment to decide on an appropriate response. Donations can be made via CWS. Donate online or phone 0800 74 73 72