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Direct Partners

Direct Partners gives you the opportunity to support one partner group working for change in the community they know best.

It is a great opportunity for your family, business, church or group to make a special effort to help a CWS partner working in a poor community or to provide relief aid to people in or after an emergency.

We will provide images, stories and other help to make your efforts a success - and report on achievements later.

Make Music for More Water

Wellingtonians were given a rare treat from 9/10 August, 2014 with a 24 hour Musicathon organised by St Andrew’s on the Terrace and St John’s in the City as part of CWS’s Direct Partner initiative.  The programme was rich and varied.   The music making was enjoyed by all.  From the youngest singers to seasoned performers from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, they all offered their skills to raise funds to provide Water for the West Bank.  Knowing how important an audience is, one choir conductor raised over $1,000 to be the audience – though she always had company!  Together they raised more than $17,000 so families who had to buy water can build tanks or be connected to municipal water supply services – not a simple task when water access is contested.  What’s more everyone involved had a great time and as one of the organisers said, were staggered by the results.  

 One partner you could support:

IndiaWDRC, India: Improving women's lives

Dalit women suffer a triple burden - extreme poverty, caste discrimination and being women. With WDRC support, village women who were not previously allowed outside their homes not fight for better housing and property rights, intervene when people are victimised and enjoy new financial independence. The confidence of working together brings visible hope to their lives.


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