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Peace and Justice

Our Approach

Peace and justice are at the core of good development.  Violence and conflict can destroy years of development work in a very short period.  Addressing underlying injustices and ensuring people have access to human rights are important aspects of peacebuilding and development.

Our vision of a world free from poverty is earthed in a world free from violence and built on justice. 

Our Action

CWS responds to issues of injustice by:
  • raising funds to support our partners to work in their contexts
  • educating New Zealanders about issues of concern
  • encouraging New Zealand churches to work to create peace and stand with those seeking justice.
  • working with others on campaigns and as part of international coalitions
  • seeking to influence people, including politicians and church leaders
  • participating in parliamentary processes and meeting with key government officials.
CWS encourages our partner churches and supporters to tackle violence and injustice everywhere.

Our Actions

Churches are encouraged to mark Peace Sunday, August 5, 2018.  CWS is preparing worship resources "The Bread of God... gives Life to the World"

In May 2018, we wrote a letter to the New Zealand Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs spokespeople expressing concern about growing levels of violence in Gaza.

Our Partners 

Our partners:

  • work to end violence in the home and community
  • teach people about human rights, the use of power, and local legal provisions for their safety
  • advocate for peace and justice at every level, including in areas of intense conflict like South Sudan and through international treaties.  

Peace in the Pacific

Rev. Francois Pihaatae from the Pacific Conference of Churches spoke on 10 November 2016 at Grey Lynn Presbyterian Church.  His paper: "The Much Aligned Tracks: the Keys to Solve the Ecological Crisis" is available here.

Hiroshima:  anniversary August 6, 2015.  Photo: WCC/P Jeffrey

Two boys bring paper cranes to Hiroshima for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the nuclear bomb.  Photo: WCC/P Jeffrey