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CWS Update September 2017

A monthly news bulletin exploring development, global justice and the work of CWS. An alternative to mainstream media sources. Past issues can be read here

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For Your Diary

1 September— 4 October Season of  Creation

6 October Supporters’ Council –6-8pm Christchurch North Methodist Church

7 October CWS Board AGM—9-9:30 am at Christchurch North Methodist Church

13 October International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction

16 October World Food Day

17 October International Day for the Eradication of Poverty


Shajida is one of 501,000 Rohingya people who has arrived in Bangladesh in recent weeks.  With her husband, she built a small shelter from bamboo and tarpaulins but it is not enough.  The family cannot sleep when the rain is heavy.  Everything is covered in mud.  Like many of the refugees, they have no food, medicine or resources and are dependent on aid. 

Up to 15,000 people a day have been arriving in Bangladesh on foot or by sea.  Unknown numbers of people are displaced in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.  ACT Alliance is delivering aid supplies to refugees and as support arrives will assist more families with food, water, sanitation and shelter.  ACT Alliance has been providing humanitarian and development support in Rakhine State since 2009.  CWS has launched an appeal to help.  $60 could provide a family with food for 15 days.  $31 could provide shelter for a family.  If you can, please support the Rohingya Refugee Appeal

South Sudan Struggles

According to CWS partner the Maridi Service Agency, locals and settlers have harvested their first crops, providing much needed food.  Prices have dropped slightly.  While Maridi is calm, violence prevails in much of the country.  The military are fighting civilians and looting —they have not been paid for four months.  In a high-level meeting this month, UN and aid officials expressed frustration about the lack of progress — 7.6 million or 60% of the country are in need of food aid.  The fracturing of the country is making the delivery of humanitarian assistance more difficult.  This month David Shearer called for united action at the Security Council.  Donations to South Sudan Appeal will mean ACT Alliance and MSA can help more families with emergency supplies.  

Nicaragua: Pauline at CEPAD

Last month Pauline McKay was presented with a painting by staff of Consejo de Iglesias Evangélicas Pro Alianza Denominacional.  She travelled long distances on newly built roads to visit some of the small farmers benefiting from your support.  CEPAD has skilled horticulturalists on staff who train the trainers for 40 local community committees.  Using multi-cropping, careful water management and organic inputs, farmers have improved production.  Part of the 5 year programme involves setting up community nurseries and training the committees to develop group plans.  In the first year CEPAD has built 57 micro-dams and funded other local initiatives with support from CWS.  Choosing a Women’s Home Garden through Gifted is one way to support this work.

Gaza: DSPR reports

CWS partner the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees reports very difficult living conditions for residents.  Economic conditions continue to deteriorate with unemployment reaching 41.1% in the first quarter of 2017.  Salaries for employees of the Palestinian Authority have been cut by 30% as well as allowances.  DSPR is expecting higher rates of malnutrition and demand for its services as the economy continues to collapse.  In the last 6 months, 9,030 families attended their 3 primary health care clinics.  1,269 children and 2,628 mothers received psychosocial care.  211 trainees participated in high quality vocational training programmes for carpentry/furniture making, welding and metal work, aluminium work, general electricity and motor rewinding, secretarial studies and advanced dressmaking.  Of these trainees, 155 received psychosocial support. Two programmes target 14 -16 year old boys who have dropped out of school.  Courses are now 2 years and staff support them into work.  You can buy Job Training through Gifted to contribute to this work.

South Asia Floods

Widespread flooding in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and now Pakistan is causing huge suffering.  The worst floods to hit the region have left many people homeless and in need of food, safe water and shelter.  They need help to replace lost livelihoods.  Donate to the South Asia Flood Appeal to provide much needed support.

Back the Plan

CWS invites you to support the campaign for the new parliament to pass a Zero Carbon Act, making sure NZ does its share for climate justice.

NZ signs Nuclear Ban Treaty

Congratulations to New Zealand for being one of the first countries to sign the new treaty banning nuclear weapons.  It is another step towards a nuclear weapon free world.

Christmas Appeal Kit

“Make Hope my Story” is the theme of the 2017 Christmas Appeal, focusing on the work we do together with partners so more people have food, water and justice.  Christmas Appeal Kits have been mailed to parishes. Contact Pam for a copy.  We encourage you to order posters, envelopes and service sheets by October 15. 


ACT Alliance/P Jeffrey

Spring Story

We will not Lose Hope focuses on our partners in South Sudan.  It also includes a summary of our Annual Review.  If you would like printed copies, please contact Pam.  Our Spring Appeal will be matched by New Zealand Government funds for South Sudan.  

Supporters’ Council

The CWS Board invites supporters to the meeting on October 6 from 6 – 8 pm at Christchurch North Methodist Church.  Jo Spratt from New Zealand Aid and Development Dialogues and Board member Professor David Fielding from Otago University will discuss the government aid programme and other trends in development.  Please let Pam know if you plan to attend.  Participants are welcome to observe the Board AGM from 9-9:30 am the following day.


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