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Zimbabwe Crisis 2008

The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is worsening. The combination of economic collapse, six years of poor harvests, bad government policies, drought and lack of seeds and fertiliser are proving disastrous. There are fears famine is gripping the country. The World Food Programme has estimated that 28 per cent of children under five are malnourished and vulnerable to disease. Many rural families only get one meal a day, but food aid stocks are running out. The number of people requiring food aid is expected to rise to around five million, or 45 per cent of the population, by January 2009. Now the situation is complicated by an outbreak of cholera and the dysfunctional governance arrangements. CWS is supporting ACT International programmes in Zimbabwe, including an emergency feeding programme. You can donate online or contact CWS 0800 74 73 72 (NZ only).

For more information visit the Zimbabwe section under Resources/Topics. Information includes a backgrounder on the emergence of the crisis, church responses and updates on the political situation.