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CWS Newsletter

The quarterly Christian World Service letter reports on the work of our partners, campaign news, what New Zealand support is helping to achieve in emergency situations and how our supporters are joining in the global struggle against poverty and injustice.


Latest issue:  The only story where hear about South Sudan is the tragedy of hunger and war.  In the Spring Story We will not lose hope, CWS highlights the work of a community of hope.  In the quieter west, the Maridi Service Agency is working hard to make peace a reality.  Education is their focus, so in addition to their existing work they are training mothers with children to run small businesses and grow gardens.  With some startup capital, they will be able to feed their families and begin to build a new life.  In a country crumbling from within, MSA is determined to work for peace.  You can also read our summary annual review for 2016-7 in this Spring Story.

Support the Spring Appeal, so our partners can help South Sudanese displaced by conflict and drought with the help they need.  

Past issues can be downloaded here.


Other Publications

  • Update, a monthly news bulletin that takes a look at development issues, provides analysis of global justice issues and keeps you updated with the work of CWS.
  • Church and Youth publications.
  • Hot Topics, historical papers exploring major international issues to show their historical, political and faith contexts, and to present views often excluded from mainstream media coverage. Produced by the Churches' Agency on International Issues, they are available for download in our Topics section.