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Christmas Appeal

Every day parents get up knowing they have to find food, water and hope for their children.  They are doing all that they can but it is not enough.  A mother worries if they will earn enough to eat a thin soup for the evening meal.  With your help, the family will learn new no-cost farming techniques and get the support they need to grow enough to eat and sell at the market.   Growing more food from their tiny plot of land is the only option they have without trying their luck in the city.

After last year's earthquake in Nepal, your donations helped families with food, shelter and support.  Sometimes all it takes for a family to get back on their feet is one small grant, new equipment or some training.  This year's Christmas Appeal puts the spotlight on five of our local partners giving hope in their communities. 

Read more about the 2016 Christmas Appeal on the dedicated website.

Go global this Christmas.  Your gift at Christmas will give hope to families in need of food, water, education and healthcare.

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The CWS Christmas Appeal has been a tradition in New Zealand churches since 1945 when the first Christmas Bowl appeal was launched to raise funds for post war reconstruction in Europe.

Chris Nichol writes on the 70th anniversary.

Watch 70 years of history: