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Back the Plan: Zero Carbon Act

Photo: Disasters are more intense in the Philippines ACT Alliance/Paul Jeffrey

Climate change is happening now and it’s affecting us all –
•    our Pacific neighbours
•    people living in poverty
•    our communities
•    our businesses

This election year, back the plan – the Zero Carbon Act. It aims to secure a positive future for our children – protecting our communities, businesses, and people across the globe.

Thanks for backing the plan

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Climate change is bigger than politics. We're working with a diverse, nationwide network of environmental, aid, community, and youth organisations to call for all political parties to agree on a new plan to face climate change.

•    The youth climate action group Generation Zero – supported by CWS as part of a coalition of international aid organisations and many others – has launched the Zero Carbon Act, a piece of draft legislation making it compulsory for future governments to make New Zealand carbon-neutral by 2050.
Launch of Zero Carbon Act at Parliament 2017 
 •    The Government would have to set five-yearly carbon budgets in line with achieving the 2050 target. The targets would be overseen by an independent group of experts known as the climate commission, which would report to Parliament.

•    It’s not surprising that it’s the younger generation leading the way, because for every year we delay cutting emissions, the job gets harder for them.

•    So through CWS you can be part of something bigger.

Launch of Zero Carbon Act at Parliament 2017

Want more information on the proposed Zero Carbon Act?

Read the Generation Zero Summary paper.

Read Q and A from Generation Zero.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright supports moves for a Zero Carbon Act.  Read Stepping stones to Paris and beyond: Climate Change, progress, and predictability.


Thanks for signing the petition.  A Zero Carbon Act is on the agenda for the new parliament.