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Annual Review

CWS supported local partners facing significant challenges in the last year.  Years of careful community development were lost to drought in East Africa and Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.  However, our partners doubled their efforts to help people hit by these climate change-related disasters and prepare them for the next.  In South India, local partners resourced some of the poorest communities to stand up for their rights against powerful forces within their communities. They set up programmes so growing numbers of refugees could educate their children and access healthcare or set up new livelihoods.  Women worked together for better recognition and to stop the violence in their homes.

The plight of refugees and other displaced people was top of the CWS agenda.  In its second year, Operation Refugee proved a successful new fundraising initiative for Syrian refugees and an opportunity to focus on our global responsibility for the 65.6 million people who have fled their homes.

CWS is grateful to donors, partner churches, volunteers and local partners who have worked together for change.  With this support, we have been able to give hope to poor and vulnerable people.  


To read more about what we have done, download the Annual Review 2016-17.


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