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Christian World Service - seventy-two years of making sure people have food, water and justice.

You are making hope the story for South Sudanese girl students, refugees, earthquake survivors and Pacific peoples. CWS welcomes a Pacific visitor.

South Sudan is in turmoil. While churches and others push hard for peace, the people need food and water. If you can, please help one family.

If ever there was a time to stand with refugees, it is now. Join the lifeline.

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CWS worried about escalating violence in Gaza

Christian World Service abhors the senseless violence in Gaza that has left close to 100 people dead and many more injured.

For the last six weeks, tens of thousands of people have gathered on the border with Israel to highlight the injustice of their situation. Most of the two million residents of Gaza have no way out of the tiny enclave. Around two thirds are Palestinian refugees or the descendants of those forced from their homes in 1948 or subsequent wars.